Why Languistix?

Langustix language apps offer the most advanced learning technologies available. With mobile computing, speech synthesis and adaptive quizing, you can learn a new language faster and on the move. Whether you are waiting in line, commuting in the metro, or between reps at the gym, you can take advantage of all your precious time to easily and comfortably study a new language without needing anything more than your smart phone. Official language courses blah blah

Language Course Android

Android's excellent text-to-speech technology allows you to check your pronunciation without having a native speaker nearby or needing to waist space with a massive sound file installation. Languistix will even recite your current lesson in your native language and your new language, so you can relaxingly practice new words and phrases while walking, riding a bike, cooking or doing the dishes.

Features like color coded vocabulary presentation help you lock the gender of new words into your memory by stimulating multiple memory pathways in your brain. The most effective and unique feature of Languistix language tutoring is the adaptive quiz. blah blah

Language Course Windows Phone 7

Coming Soon

Don't feel left out if you are not an Android user, a Windows Phone 7 version is coming soon. Please check back for updates on new platform compatibilities, new features, and the new 2A/2B series of courses.

Language Course Windows Phone 7

German 1A
German 1B

Why learn German?

Whether you are considering vacationing, living, or doing business, German is a great asset. In terms of primary speakers (120 million), secondary speakers and number of countries where it's spoken, German is one of the top ten world languages. It is the most spoken first-language in the European Union, spoken by the majority of people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Language Course German 1A

Besides being top vacation destinations, German speaking cities, among them Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt, and Munich, are consistently ranked best in the world for quality of life. You can count on excellent transportation, healthcare, social benefits, education, safety and recreation. When it comes to green space, Berlin is the winner. In addition to ubiquitous bike lanes, over a dozen expansive formal or natural parks, and numerous lakes and rivers, fully one fourth of the city is covered by forests.

Business opportunities abound. Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world, and is the number two exporter. It's renowned for its car manufacturers--Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen. Other well known brands from the German speaking block include Bayer, SAP, T-Mobile, BASF, Adidas, Hugo Boss, Red Bull, UBS, Rolex, Nestle/Nescafe and Lufthansa. Finally, when it comes to fun and entertainment, the nightlife, art scene, classical music, and skiing are unsurpassed.

Whether science or art, strudel or beer, Oktoberfest or Techno, the Germans know how to produce and know how to party.

Spanish 1A
Spanish 1B

Why learn Spanish?

According to Wikipedia, Spanish is highly valuable for both tourism and business due to the language's immense geographic extent in Latin America and Europe. Spanish is the primary language of 20 countries worldwide. There are over 400 million people who speak Spanish as a native language and over 500 million speakers worldwide. Spanish is the second most natively spoken language in the world, after Mandarin Chinese.

Language Course Spanish 1A

With its increasing presence in the demographics and popular culture of the United States, Spanish is considered to be the most beneficial second language for a native speaker of American English. Spanish is a good language for people with dyslexia in particular, because it is written completely phonetically. It is quite easy to learn in terms of reading and understanding, having very few irregularities compared with German or French.

Because it is spoken across the Americas, many are drawn to Spanish as a portal to the vast and sensational history of that part of the world. It has been described as the language of salsa, tequila, blood and fire, tapas, revolution, and passion. The art, film, literature, music and dance of the Spanish speaking world are a huge cultural treasure. From Buenos Aires to Patagonia in the South, the tropical jungles and wild life in Central America, diving in the Caribbean, the pyramids, cuisine and margaritas of Mexico, Holy Week processions and running the bulls in Spain, to Carnival in the Canary islands, travel pleasures in the Hispanic world are unsurpassed.

Business opportunities are vast. Spain has the 12th largest economy in the world, Mexico the 14th. Argentina, Venezuela and Columbia also have large economies. Along with the spanish speaking population in the US, spanish-speakers are one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world.


The home screen is your gateway to all the apps features. It lets you know which installed course is active, which question and answer mode is selected, and which section and lesson you'll be learning.

Go to the Guide if you are new to Languistix for a How To overview of the best way to use the features.

Language Course Guide

How's that?

There is a handy Grammer guide that helps you with pronunciation and stress. It also contains a list of the special symbols used in the word lists, and various syntactic summaries that help you with language elements like conjungation and gender.

Language Course Guide

1.1 In The Station

The Guide also has an overview of the sections and lessons in your course. Scroll or tap the links to see what you will learn in each lesson.

Language Course Guide


The options page provides you with an assortment of settings to choose from. In particular, you can choose your lesson, language mode and color scheme.

Language Course Options

Tap the course selector to choose between courses if you have more than one installed.

Language Course Options

A lesson a day.

You can choose your next lesson in an instant. When you tap the lesson selector, the list is presented and is automatically scrolled to your current lesson.

Language Course Options

Choosing the Mode determines which language you see first in the study list, and in which language you have to answer in the quiz.

Language Course Options

Color your world.

You can choose your color scheme and enter your first name.

Language Course Options

Entering your name is optional, and its only used to personalize your learning experience.

Language Course Options


The study page is where you start the fun. You will find a scrollable list of vocabulary, phrases and sentences to review. Color coding helps you remember gender by stimulating more parts of your brain, thus enhancing memory.

Language Study

Use the menu or pinch gestures to enlarge or reduce the text size.

Languistix talks to you.

You can also use two great speech synthesis features. Single tap an entry to hear it in your new language and check your pronunciation.

Language Study

No need to have a native speaker nearby all the time. You can adjust the speaking volume with your Volume Up and Down buttons.

Language Study

Study on the go.

Study on the go by letting Lanquistix recite your study list.

Language Study

The study list is recited once in your language and twice in the language you are learning, with pauses that let you repeat the words or sentences in your head, or better yet out loud. Warning: people in the metro may look at you funny.


The quiz is where your new language really gets locked in. The adaptive quiz keeps track of which words and phrases you know and which need repeating. No need to repeat the word for apple over and over because you can't remember cranberry. The quiz is less a test than a personal tutor, helping with your specific challenges without waisting time repeating the easy stuff.

Language Quiz

Get a clue.

If you just need a little reminder, tap Hint Me. Keep tapping if you're clueless.

Language Quiz

I Knew It!

Once you imagine the answer in your head, tap the Show It button. Then indicate whether you knew it or not. If not, the quiz with keep comming back to that word or phrase until you really remember.

Language Quiz

You can use pinch gestures or the menu to reize the text.

Language Quiz

Let's review.

Once you've answered everything correctly, Languistix will let you know.

Language Quiz

You can start a Cumulative Quiz from the menu. After completing a few lessons its best to repeat everything you've learned. No worries, you don't to repeat all the easy stuff. Languistix Adaptive Quiz kept tract of how you did and starts the Cumulative Quiz with all the challenging words and sentences. When you get to the easy stuff, just go back to the Options page and choose the next lesson. You are well on your way to speaking a new language!